Vitamix Explorian Series e310 Blender Black – The BEST?

Are you looking for a fantastic blender that can do pretty much anything? From fine-tuning textures to smooth purees and even chunky salsa, plus everything else in between?

This Vitamix Explorian Series e310 Blender Black is one of the best top-quality blenders that will do pretty much anything you are looking for. I will list all of the typical pros and cons, including full details of what this amazing blender can really do!


Vitamix Explorian e310


Vitamix Explorian Series e310 Blender Black

Name: Vitamix Explorian Series e310 Blender


Price: Amazon

Owners: Barnard Family

Overall Ranking: 9.5/10


Vitamix Explorian Series e310 Overview

Food you can create with the Vitamix blender

The Vitamix is privately owned and operated by the Bernard family and was initially called The Natural Food Institute. This company was founded in 1921 when William Grover Barnard began traveling the country selling modern kitchen products.

Barnard began to recognize the importance of nutrition by helping a friend through his illness. He saw a blender for sale at a trade show and introduced his own variations, creating a more durable and reliable series of blending machines.

In 1949, William’s son, Bill Barnard, inherited the Company and changed Vita-Mix Corporation’s name. The word “Vita,” meaning “life.” They pioneered their first infomercial the same year.

In 1969, the first Vitamix 3600 was their first blender to make hot soup, ice cream, grind grain and even knead bread dough.

Ever since Vitamix has been passed down through the Barnard Family generation after generation, currently, Dr. Jodi Berg is president, CEO and is now the fourth generation to own Vitamix.

Now, let’s look at all the typical pros and cons of the Vitamix Explorian e310 for you.


Vitamix Explorian e310 Pros & the Cons

The Pros

PRO #1 – Various speed controls so you can blend almost anything, including ice and other tough ingredients, like kale leaves.

PRO #2 – Tamper included, so you don’t have to buy one separately.

PRO #3 – Makes hot soups in just 10 minutes.

PRO #4 – Makes ice cream and frozen desserts in just seconds.

PRO #5 – Container fits under most overhead cabinets – 18 inches tall.

PRO #6 – Includes pulse feature to chop and knead the dough, etc.

PRO #7 – Self-Cleaning in 30 to 60 seconds and is also dishwasher safe.

PRO #8 – Includes a Full 5-Year Warranty and FREE 2-way shipping.

The Cons

CON #1 – The personal cup adapter has to be purchased separately.

CON #2 – It May be loud for some people.

CON #3 – A little heavy  – Weighs 11.5 pounds.

CON #4 – The 48-ounce container makes medium batches and is too small for commercial blending purposes.


Who is Vitamix Explorian e310 For?

Nut ButterIce Cream and Frozen TreatsCocktails

This amazing medium-sized blender is perfect for making either single or family-sized batches. It is true for anyone looking for a dependable, high-quality commercial-grade blender that will last for years to come.

It’s for anyone who is genuinely looking for an all-in-one blender that can replace many of your kitchen appliances.

The Vitamix can heat, chop, blend, and emulsify to make almost anything from hot soups, baby food, frozen desserts, nut butter, and so much more!


  • Mixing batters and dough for pancakes, waffles, cookies, crepes, and cakes.
  • Pulverize tough ingredients, like kale leaves to make silky smoothies, sauces, etc.
  • Grinding your favorite coffee beans.
  • Creating perfect smoothie bowls.
  • Turning Ice into snow for snow cones and bar-quality ice-cold drinks and cocktails.


Vitamix Explorian e310 Tools & Training

Features Include;

  • 48 ounce (1.4-Liter) container to make medium-sized batches for small family meals.
  • 2HP Motor can handle the toughest ingredients to create high-quality blends.
  • The container itself is Self-Cleaning with just soap and water in only 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Mini Tamper included for pressing down Thick and Frozen mixtures toward the blades. This helps a lot, so you don’t have to stop the machine and scrape the container’s side while blending.
  • Pulse Feature to make chunky salsas, thick vegetable soups, and more.
  • Hard-Stainless Steel Blades work great to handle the toughest ingredients for years to come.
  • Metal Drive System
  • Cool-Running Motor
  • Variable Speed Control to create a variety of textures with complete control.
  • Cookbook
  • 5-Year Full Warranty with free two-way shipping at no cost to you.


Vitamix Explorian e310 Support

  • 5-Year Full Warranty with 2-way shipping at NO extra cost to you.
  • Vitamix Support at and choose your location, Canada, US, International, Ireland, Mexico, United Kingdom, etc.
  • Email – for household use
  • Email – for commercial use


Vitamix Explorian e310 Pricing

The Vitamix Explorian e310 comes with a medium-sized 48-ounce pitcher. You can also purchase the personal cup adapter that goes with it, so there’s no need to use a separate single-sized personal blender like my MagicBullet ever again.


My Final Opinion of the Vitamix Explorian e310 Blender

This is one excellent all-in-one commercial-grade blender that can really do it all. The Bernard Family stands by the fantastic quality of their Vitamix blender by offering a full 5-Year or more for all of their models, including 2-way shipping at no extra cost!

My favorite part is that I can create delicious ice cream and smoothie bowls in just seconds for the kids and me. Lower-grade blenders cannot mix frozen blends, and the Vitamix blender can, as they require more liquid, and the result is excellent smoothie mixtures but not perfect frozen treats!


Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

Who doesn’t love frozen treats, right?

Creating ice cream and other frozen treats, such as smoothie bowls, is my #1 reason to choose the Vitamix Explorian e310 Blender Black. It’s a medium-sized (not too big), commercial-grade blender at a fraction of the cost that can truly blend anything I will ever need to all at home. Plus, I can buy the personal cup adapter that goes with it to make smoothies with me anywhere on the go—no need for me to purchase another MagicBullet anymore.


Vitamix Explorian e310 at a Glance…

Website Name:

Owners: Barnard Family

Price: Amazon

Overall Scam Rank: 9.5 of 10


Verdict: It’s Truly One of the Best Blenders on the Market!

Most reviews I read state the Vitamix blender changed their lives for the better. This high-quality blender offers one of the best warranties you can get. It’s a commercial-grade blender that can do it all at a fraction of the cost.

You can use a Vitamix at home for absolutely all your recipes, as the quality is outstanding and it will last you for years to come.

Cheers to healthy blending!


Which Vitamix would you choose and why?

The Vitamix Explorian, e310 Series Black, is perfect for Medium Blends as it has a 48-ounce sized container and a 5-Year Full Warranty.

The Vitamix Explorian e320 is perfect for Larger Blends as it comes with a 64-ounce sized container and a 7-Year Full Warranty.

The Vitamix Explorian Refurbished is also a great option to choose if you like to save money!

Vitamix Explorian e310 Series Black









  • Makes Perfect Ice Cream and Frozen Treats
  • Tamper Included
  • 5-Year Full Warranty


  • A Little Expensive
  • Personal Cup Adapter Not Included

6 thoughts on “Vitamix Explorian Series e310 Blender Black – The BEST?”

  1. Brilliant review. I’ve only ever looked at blenders as ways of making smoothies but, as much as wanting to find out more about this model, this article’s really opened my eyes to all the things you can actually make with one. Seriously considering adding one to my kitchen now and getting rid of some of the many appliances I have taking up room on my worktops. The e310 looks great and is clearly one of the better ones on the market – will definitely take a closer look on amazon! 

    • Great, Will!

      Thank you so much!

      The Vitamix e310 is an amazing blender that really can do anything you really want it to do. I have friends who own this, and we all highly recommend it to everyone. 

      Although it’s expensive, the quality is great and will likely last you for years!! Therefore, saving you money in the long run. 


  2. Thank you, Miranda, for this detailed review. 

    The Vitamix Explorian Series e310 is something you have to have a nice, robust blender with many possibilities. Maybe a bit expensive, but it is a solid blender, which you can use for years. 

    Thank you for the history of Vitamix. I love to read how a Vitamix was created. Of course, it is good this company has been on the market since 1921. Then you know where quality comes from.

    • Hi, Monique

      Yes, the Vitamix blender is definitely a very well-made solid machine with a great history in quality. 

      It will most likely last you for years, so it’s definitely worth every penny.  I’ve replaced  about 4 of my magic bullet blenders as they only last 2 years tops. Replacing cheaper versions of blenders  ends up costing you the same price as 1 good quality one.

      A Vitamix blender may seem expensive at first, but it will save you money because  you won’t have to keep replacing it as you do with cheaper models. 

      Glad you enjoyed my review!

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for this in-depth review; I’ve found it very useful!

    I have a blender in my kitchen, but it doesn’t work well anymore. I think it will die soon. So I am looking for something more durable and versatile. The e310 blender seems to be of high quality, and most importantly, it can do a lot of things. Mine is very noisy, which prevents me from using it:) What about the a310 blender? Is it quiet? I hope so. 

    However, it has a high tag price, but I don’t really care about paying a little more as long as it’s worth it.

    Thanks a lot for this helpful review!

    • I’m glad you found my Vitamix blender review very useful, Daniella!

      It is not anymore noisier than the standard blender. I find that if you plan to crush ice, it can be noisy. The benefits of this amazing machine are endless.

      I believe if you decide to buy the Vitamix e310 blender, you will be very satisfied.

      Thank you for reading my review!



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